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Compatible With Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set HK-06 Notebook Keyboard

Compatible With Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set HK-06 Notebook Keyboard

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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

product manual:
1: wireless carrier frequency; 2.4GHZ---2.483GHZ

2: Operating distance: 10M

3: Rated working voltage: 1.9--3.6V (battery 2 AAA batteries)

4: rated working current: 15mA

5: tracing system: optics

6: Transmission rate: 1 Mbitsec

7: Modulation method: GFSK

8: Resolution: 600--1200 DPI

9: Wireless working channel: 16

10: USB interface; 1.1--2.0 specification, free drive

11: RF Power RF power 3dB


13: Operating system Windows98 WindowsME WindowsN7 WindowsXP Vista Win7 Win8 Mac (Apple system) Android 4.0 and Android system Android smart TV.

Keyboard specifications: length 38.5* width 11.5* height 1cm

Mouse specifications: length 11.2* width 5.8* height 1.9cm

The keyboard chocolate mute button design, the mouse and the mouse share a receiver, free of code, no interference, no need to install;
Color: black, white.
Keyboard support Android 4.0 support Android 4.0 smart TV

1: Standby; when there is no sign of movement within five seconds of the mouse, the mouse will automatically switch to the power saving state, and the power consumption is only half of the working state.

2: Sleep; the mouse has been in the standby state for five minutes, the mouse will automatically go to sleep state, the mouse power consumption in the sleep state is only one tenth of the working state, to wake up the mouse in the sleep state, Simply press one of the left, center, and right function keys on the mouse.

3: The mouse has the ID Code Saving ID save function to avoid mutual contact. This function can use the same mouse in the same place.

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